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Donnie Simpson

Source: ione / iOne


What would you do if you saw a Ford Taurus wagon pulling 3 kids in a plastic toy wagon at speeds upwards of 30 mph? A Springfield, Oregon mother of 2 didn’t think you’d say anything when she decided to do just that during rush-hour traffic.


Alana Nicole Donahue, 27, admitted to officers that she was towing children behind her white Ford Taurus in a wagon attached with a rope.

Lt. Scott McKee told The Oregonian/OregonLive that Donahue told police it wasn’t a big deal, that she was “showing the kids a good time,” and only driving 5 miles per hour.

However, witnesses reported they saw something much different. “I talked to a witness today that said she saw them go by her house in their neighborhood and they were going like 30 miles an hour,” Lt. McKee said.

Another witness reported the youngest child begin to cry after the wagon went up on two wheels during the trip.

Officers contacted the Department of Human Services who placed Donahue’s children with another person. Donahue was booked at the Springfield Municipal Jail.