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Thank you for tuning in for another night of LRNB Radio with Asia who will be in for John Monds the next few nights.  Who’s ready to jam out with sounds by Chaka Khan coming up at 8pm? Join us and give us a shout-out with your comments on tonight’s #OHSOREALScenario:

Sherrod and Casey have 3 kids together but over the years the love faded and they separated two years ago. Sherrod sends money to Casey every month and he never had any complaints since he was still there financially for anything the kids needed. Just a few months ago, Sherrod began seeing a new woman and it got back to Casey.

He was recently served child support papers and feels it’s all because Casey is jealous, but she claims it’s all about the kids. Sherrod is seeking to convince Casey that involving the courts is not necessary. Any suggestions for Sherrod tonight or is Casey right to make things legal?


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