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Part four of the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion concludes with Phaedra being caught in the massive lie that we’ve all been hearing about for weeks. The episode picks up from when Porsha revealed that Kandi served her a cease and desist about the whole drug/rape rumor and defers to Phaedra Parks Esq. to dish the tea since she is the one who told her this in the first place.


That’s when Phaedra tries to pull the oldest trick in the book—claiming she didn’t say that. But then Porsha goes off and insists that Phaedra did tell her that so it’s time to be real. Phaedra back peddles again and says she just repeated what someone said. Porsha doubles down that Phaedra told her that Kandi said it to her and then breaks down in “tears” because she finally realizes she got played.


Phaedra sits as quiet as a church mouse as Porsha goes off on her for leading her to believe this insidious lie. After other folks apply pressure, Phaedra basically tries to absolve herself of any wrong doing by going back and forth between back peddling and remaining mute.

Kandi blows up and breaks down crying about how people were calling her Bill Cosby on social media, and obviously (and rightfully) angry that this lie was even uttered—something that could really destroy her life. She also thinks the fact that Porsha would believe this and repeat this is ridiculous, but we know Porsha isn’t the brightest bulb in the pack so that’s not really a surprise.

No one feels sympathy for Porsha because she still shouldn’t have spread this information based on hearsay. Last week she was just claiming that her journalistic skills learned from Dish Nation wouldn’t allow her to not verify facts.


Porsha claims she trusted Phaedra’s word, which was still hearsay, but whatevs. Phaedra definitely should have known better being a terrible lawyer, which shows you just how wicked this is because you know she knows better. This becomes so much to deal with that Any calls for a break.

Porsha has the nerve to say she feels bad for Kandi. Meanwhile, the other women are talking to each otherabout how Porsha finally sees Shaedra for who she really is.

After the break, Phaedra apologizes to Porsha and says she shouldn’t have repeated it, but she thought it was true. So…you repeated something you made up?

Or better yet, you’ve been friends with this woman all these years so how does that make you look if they were doing these wicked things?


Phaedra is so obviously disingenuous that it’s mortifying to watch. Everyone demands real answers from her about when she’ll finally come clean, but she refuses to be real. Phaedra then apologizes for “repeating what she heard,” but then more BS gets piled on. It also comes out that Phaedra also told Porsha the lie that Todd cheats on Kandi under the code name, “Marvin”—another lie that Porsha went around repeating like a literal dummy. Phaedra kept doing a terrible job of explaining herself and Porsha threatens to pull out text messages if she doesn’t get real. Porsha doesn’t end up pulling out text messages, but she definitely should have.

Porsha apologizes to Kandi, and Kandi begrudgingly accepts. But seriously, though.


Phaedra also delivers a fake apology and claims that she feels awful. Yatta yatta.


What Phaedra really should have done is just admit she was being grimy for the sake of hurting Kandi because she still felt some type of way about Kandi and Todd remaining friends with Apollo. Andy tried to get her to go there, but nope.


Anyway, there’s no hope for Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship and it’s hard to see the two of them continuing to move forward taping RHOA with each other. The rumors about Phaedra being fired have neither been confirmed nor denied from a reliable source, so we’ll have to wait and see.

Despite Phaedra’s drama and delusions, Andy ends the reunion on a high note—by presenting Cynthia with a birthday cake in honor of turning 50 and fabulous.


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