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Well the show must go on folks. All we can do at this point is keep the faith and ask to be covered from any danger that may come. Oh and let’s not forgot how important it is for EVERYONE to get out and VOTE. Through it all we’ve the music still plays and we’ve got some classics coming your way tonight. Call in with your requests and comments at 844-258-8762 on this  #OHSOREALScenario:

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Mark 39 and Ramona 37 dated for a year back in 2010. Shortly after she met Mark, he was fired from his job and although it put a strain on their friendship Ramona stuck it out with him and helped him get back on his feet. Almost a year later Mark found a new job she noticed still complained every day and was never grateful. Ramona realized Mark was his own worst enemy and broke up with him. Over the years they hooked up a few times but recently Mark has been asking for another chance at a relationship. Ramona wants to know, is it ever a good idea to circle back to an ex?

Is Ramona asking for a repeat by going back to her ex? Or is there a chance for love to bloom? Leave your comments below or join us on Facebook for more convo…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 

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