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Welcome to the Monday edition of Love And R&B with John Monds. April is in full swing and so is everyone’s allergies but we’ve got some relief in the form of good R&B music and grown folk conversation to ease your mind. Call 844-258-8762 and shout-out your loved one and leave comments on this #OHSOREALScenario:

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Benny is crazy in love with Celeste.  They are both in their late 20’s and were kicking it for the past 3 years until Celeste broke things off with Benny six months ago, telling him that she didn’t think he was going anywhere in life.   He was injured on his job and is now up for a large cash settlement.  Now, Celeste wants to come back in his life.  He knows that it’s about the money, but really misses her.  He wants to know if he’s crazy to let her back in.  What advice would you offer to Benny?

Should Benny snap out of playing the fool? Or does everyone play the fool for love at some point? Leave your advice on our Facebook page and join in on the fun…it’s all #LoveAndRnB! 


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