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Football trivia just got super competitive.

Battle of the Rivals matches up two rival historically Black colleges and challenges their football trivia knowledge for a chance to win cool prizes. This year’s show, brought to you by Cricket Wireless, took place in Washington, D.C, with host Jamal Jimoh quizzing the contestants on their knowledge of the classic sport.

Round three was another trivia round in which the teams had to answer questions about the sport, including, “How many points is a field goal worth?” The answer was “three,” which both teams got wrong. Since neither team got any of the answers correct, Jamal Jimoh had each team pick a side of his novelty coin. Whichever side it landed on, that team won.

Check out the video above to see who won round three! There’s still another round to go, plus the bonus round, in order to crown a winner of rivalry schools. Which school do you think knows more about football?

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