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Thursdays are always bitter sweet for us. It’s our last day of the week together but in 3 days we’ll do it again starting at 7pm on Sunday. Have you called in to leave your advice for the nightly scenario this week? We want to hear from YOU! Also, feel free to leave your own scenario and hear what other listeners have to say about it. Call 844-258-8762 or jump over to our Facebook page and comment on this ‪#‎OHSOREALScenario‬:

28 year old Sparkle broke up with her high school boyfriend last year ending their over 10 year relationship. She says that he was her first love but they simply outgrew each other and it was best they went their separate ways. Sparkle’s ex is still in touch with her mom, who says she loves him like a son-in-law and can’t just stop talking with him overnight.

Sparkle recently began seeing a new guy that she really likes and is worried that her new boyfriend will not measure up to her mother’s love for her ex-boyfriend. Sparkle has two issues she needs help with. What can she do to end all communication between her ex and her mother? Should she wait until all communication between her ex and mother has ended before introducing her new boyfriend?
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