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Brooklyn native Mya B. is a hybrid of a woman. As a single mother, school teacher and filmmaker, she’s busy achieving her goals and has no time to waste.

TeamBeautiful got the chance to follow the triple-threat through her typical day and found ourselves in awe of her strength and energy.

At her first gig as a preschool teacher, she uses her passion and creativity to help shape future generations during their most formative years. She tells us that she learns “just as much from the kids as they learn from me.”

“I watch how open they are to the world and I start to understand so much about character and behavior. When I tell them stories, they’re just so honest and responsive. It’s definitely helped me become a better storyteller,” she said.

That skill definitely helps Mya in her next gig, as a filmmaker.

“It isn’t always easy but I can appreciate the moments when it all just clicks and they feel like they’re one and the same,” she says.

But it’s her role as mom to her son that is most important and most natural.

“At the end of the day, I know that I’m also doing it for my son,” she said. “He inspires me.”

Check out the rest of our interview above to learn more about Mya and her #HybridLife.

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