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CBS2s Brian Conybeare reports.

After making the dreadful mistake of cremating the wrong woman, a Bronx funeral home has apologized to her son, reports NBC-New York.

McCall’s Bronxwood Funeral Home also wants Donald Little’s signature so it can correct documents to indicate that his mother, Annie Little, was cremated.

But Little refuses to sign-off on the error, and his lawyer said he plans to file a lawsuit. The attorney stated that McCall’s breached his client’s right to choose between cremation or burial.

In the meantime, the funeral home is waiting for Little to authorize the transfer of his 82-year-old mother’s remains for burial.

“We offered to have a limousine take him to Calverton Cemetery with his mother’s remains, but as of today, Mr. Little has been unable to return to McCall’s to approve these details,” McCall’s spokesman George Arzt said, according to NBC.

The New York Times explained that Ms. Little’s body was featured in an open-casket church funeral service for 81-year-old Val-Jean McDonald on Dec. 29. McCall’s told Little that his mother resembled Ms. McDonald.

The funeral home dressed Ms. Little in Ms. McDonald’s clothes and jewelry for the service, which was attended by more than 200 of Ms. McDonald’s family and friends.

The Times said Little is upset about not having the chance to say a final goodbye to his mother, who was mistakenly given the large funeral at Union Baptist Church in Harlem.

“She’s dressed up and paraded around in other people’s clothes and jewelry. People kissing her and taking pictures. It’s heartbreaking I couldn’t do that,” he told the New York Times.

One day after the service, McDonald’s family attended a cremation service for their mother—but it was Ms. Little who was actually cremated.

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