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Hillary Clinton is no stranger to being asked her stance on prison reform. During the most recent democratic debate hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper and TV One’s Roland Martin, Clinton nearly found herself at a loss for words when she was confronted by Ricky Jackson. The man had spent 39 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit.

He would’ve been killed if Ohio hadn’t outlawed the death penalty in 1978, before reinstating it in 1981. He was eventually exonerated after the key witness in his case recanted his testimony. Jackson so eloquently asked Clinton to explain why she would support the death penalty when there are a substantial number of innocent men and women that stand to be killed for crimes they didn’t commit.

Clinton responded that she wishes states would outlaw the death penalty and that she thinks it should only be reserved for extenuating circumstances i.e for people who have been convicted of acts of terror.

“What I hope the Supreme Court will do is make it absolutely clear that any state that continues capital punishment either must meet the highest standards of evidentiary proof of effective assistance of counsel or they cannot continue it,” she said.

Clinton went on to call Jackson’s situation a “travesty” and she said that she hopes that he has the opportunity to get the support he deserves so that he may live a full life.

Beauties, do you think Clinton’s response was substantial? Let us know if you think she actually answered the question or talked her way around it.


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