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Memphis Man Caught On Video Allegedly Urinating On Cereal 

The FDA is reportedly investigating Kellogg’s after a video of a man urinating on a cereal conveyor belt has gone viral. In 2014, the brand was in a major labor dispute with it’s workers and a former employee filmed himself urinating on the Rice Krispies cereal in the midst of it’s factory production process in Memphis, TN. The video has since gone viral sparking outrage from customers that may have consumed the products during that time. The man has yet to be identified but the company has released as statement that it plans to “prosecute to the full extent of the law.” Kellogg’s has also acknowledged the situation on Twitter in saying, “We’re outraged & disgusted…Internal and criminal investigations are underway. We’ll post more info as it’s available.” Huffington Post

Prisoner Freed After Lawyer Sleeps Through Trial

A judge has determined that a prisoners 6th Amendment Rights were violated because his lawyer fell asleep during his trial. Nicholas Ragin has been in prison since 2006 charged with conspiracy and racketeering, but the U.S. 4th Circuit Court of Appeals has since thrown out his conviction due to his lawyer’s inability to stay awake. The attorney, Nikita V Mackey, was appointed by the district court after Ragin was indicted in 2004. Mackey, a former police officer and North Carolina State Representative, was found to have frequently slept for at least 30 minutes of his client’s trial. “Ragin effectively had no legal assistance during a substantial portion of his trial” said Appeals Judge Roger Gregory. The Independent 

Customer Happens To Have A Gun Handy During Attack

A 60-year-old man was getting coffee at 7-Eleven in Seattle when a masked man entered wielding a hatchet. The suspect attacked the store clerk who sustained injuries to his stomach. The customer proceeded to take out his pistol and shoot the 40-year-old attacker who died at the scene. The elder had a concealed pistol license and was not injured. We wonder if he still had to pay for his coffee? CNN

School Segregate Students For Bizarre Reason 

A Chinese high school in Henan has taken drastic measures to ensure teenagers aren’t “feeding each other” which is typically how young couples display affection. Ruyang Experimental High School has recently decided to segregate the cafeteria as well as recess by gender. “Puppy love in high school distracts students from their studies, and the school is taking action to prevent such relationships and put an end to feeding each other in the cafeteria,” said the school’s principal Li Xinnian. Students that are caught breaking the rules will receive a lecture. “We’ve seen a sharp decrease in mixed seating, and no one has been feeding each other” added Xinnian. Mashable 


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