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Source: Compliments of THINX

There has always been something unnatural to me about tampons. The idea of plugging my period like a drain seems odd. My menstrual cycle is the time for it to flow.

I’ve stopped using tampons, with the exception of special occasions, like a gala or a hot date. However, my use is few and far between. I do use pads but due to my heavy cycle, I feel like I’ve reverted to a baby in a diaper.

5-7 days of feeling unsexy once a month is getting old. Spending copious amounts of money on empty promises of “no leaking” and “comfortable moving,” is frustrating. I refuse to settle for the idea that my period has to be this unhealthy, uncomfortable experience.

My co-worker has a slight obsession with Aunt Flow and after hearing my complaints, dropped a pair of THINX on my desk. For the first time, in a long time, I’m excited for my period.

A little about my Aunt Flow: She is heavy and sometimes clots. She stays for 5-7 days when she is in town and the first day of her visit, if I don’t take a painkiller, is debilitating. She doesn’t lighten up until about Day 4 or 5.


Source: Compliments of THINX

When I was told to “free flow” into the panties, I was skeptical. The packaging boldly says the underwear holds up to two tampons’ worth of blood. I take the panties out of the packaging. I got the hiphuggers. Ladies, they are cute…like really cute. I have “period panties,” in case I leak or spill, it’s not on my Agent Provocateur panties. The panties come in black and fit well. I actually liked how I looked in them. I got the hiphuggers (they are recommended for heavy days) and in a size large (I’m a size 12). They have six different silhouettes that coincide with your days.

I put them on and decide to wear all black, because, just in case they don’t work, I’m not trying to have an accident like my 14-year-old self. You know, one where you are absolutely mortified because you have bled onto your pants or worse, the object you are sitting on.

I don’t trust them at first. I wear a tampon into the office. The first hour, I think to myself, this is silly and pointless. I’m not THINxing differently. I head to the bathroom, take out the tampon and prepare myself (for I’m not sure what). The first time I felt Aunt Flow come down and knew there was nothing traditional protecting me, I went straight to the bathroom. Surprise: there is nothing there. It’s absorbed into my panties. I would go to the bathroom three more times because I was expecting a leak, a spill, something.

The ladies in my office knew I was trying them out and asked a series of questions.

You know what I got? To simply have my period and not have to think twice about this.

THINX works. I used it for one day not one cycle, but I’d like to try this for the entire duration. THINX does the work for you. All you have to do is rethink your period.

Let it flow!


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