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Actor Columbus Short is back on the small screen with the premiere of TV One’s original movie Definitely Divorcing. The romantic comedy, which premieres Saturday, February 20th at 8PM ET on TV One, follows the lives of co-workers who are all questioning their marriages and if they should divorce their spouses.

Short recently sat down with Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the film, new music, and his resurgent acting career thanks, in part, to Ms. Cathy Hughes and TV One. He said, “If it wasn’t for TV One, no one would have seen me on TV, at all, the last two years.” Short also credited the network for giving him the opportunity to send his son to private school to receive the “best education.”

Short’s new album, Unbroken is slated for release in April of this year, but the video for his new single, 50 Shades is available now. The actor/ music producer said that every song on the album “is the truth.”

“It’s kind of the journey within the last two years” said Short.

In talking about the trials and tribulations he has recently experienced, Short described himself as “Richie Rich.” He told Martin, “I had a lot, the big mansion in The Hill, the cars and the things and I didn’t pay attention to what was going on around me, at all — I was, but, I wasn’t.”

After realizing how “entangled” he was and after almost loosing it all in what he described as “operation shock-and-awe” where he lost his house, job, and sponsorships, the embattled actor said he felt as though he could not catch his breath.

Short went on to explain that his music saved him and allowed him the opportunity to “push out the white noise.” The former ABC Scandal star told Martin when he came to the conclusion that his personal life was affecting his work life, he realized there was a problem.

Now, two years later, Short says, he is glad “to be in a season of I don’t have that – I’m untangled now and I’m free.” 

“When you don’t have drama in your life your creativity spikes, I feel like your I.Q. even spikes because you’re free not wasting brain power how to figure out some crazy relationship,” said Short.

Short says now he can smell drama coming towards him after all that he has been through. “When you are kingdom building … you can’t play any games, because I saw how quickly a kingdom build on faulty ground can crumble, so it’s very important as I’ve laid down the real brick and mortar foundation that we don’t have no foolishness coming to try to topple it.”

Watch Roland Martin and Columbus Short discuss his new film Definitely Divorcing and his return to TV in the video clip above.

Definitely Divorcing premieres Saturday night, February 20th at 8PM ET on TV One.

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