African Americans For Hillary Grassroots Organizing Meeting With Hillary Clinton

Who actually thought this was a good idea? After Hillary Clinton‘s camp tried to honor Rosa Parks with an unfortunate graphic, her team strikes again with another epic fail.

A day after her daughter, Chelsea Clinton announced her second pregnancy, Hill’s team attempted to tug at the heartstrings of Latino voters with a list of “7 ways Hillary Clinton is just like your abuela,” on her official website. If that headline wasn’t cringeworthy enough, the caption will do the trick: “She isn’t afraid to talk about el respeto.”

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Wait, what? Twitter came for the terrible idea in droves, and schooled Hillary on what it really means to be a Latino in America— and the strength of actual real life abuelas— with the #NotMyAbuela hashtag.

Hopefully, the Twitter schooling will give Hillary’s team an actual history lesson in what it means to be Latino and how to speak to the community in a way that’s not condescending, inauthentic, and insulting. Get it together, guys.

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