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When is the last time President Obama met with leaders of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement? Or with the parents of police brutality victims? Hillary Clinton has done both. For her second attempt at the Presidency, she seems to be making issues that are important to African Americans her priority.

Author Michael Eric Dyson recently wrote an extensive profile piece on Clinton. He made several campaign stops with the former Secretary of State including a speech at Clark Atlanta University which was interrupted by BLM activists. The protesters wouldn’t stop singing lyrics from Janelle Monae song, “Hell You Talmbout.” Clinton politely tried to address them in saying:

“Now, my friends, I am going to get to some very important points that actually prove that Black lives do matter and we have to take action together. To all the young people here today, those who are listening, and those who are singing, let me say this: We need you. We need the promise of a rising generation of activists and organizers who are fearless in your advocacy and determination.”

Following her speech, Clinton also met with the activists and urged them to create a concrete agenda in which she and other politicians could get behind.

Dyson was formerly a proponent for Obama but believes he failed to use his title as the “first Black President” to truly address a black agenda.

“Obama has been a big disappointment to many of the black people who, like me, looked to him for leadership” said Dyson. He believes that Clinton, understands and emphasizes with the plight of African Americans.

“If she continues to grow, and refuses to drink from the trough of white privilege, Hillary may achieve something that neither Bill nor Barack can claim: a presidency built on racial transparency and honesty, one that doesn’t lecture black people about what they should do to get themselves together, but instead thrives on principled engagement with black suffering,” said Dyson.

Read his full piece here. If elected, do you think Clinton will continue to acknowledge and engage Black Lives Matter activists or is she merely interested in securing their vote?


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