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Every winter, thousands of engaged couples send out Save The Date Cards asking their friends and family to make some time during the summer to see them tie the knot. However, some couples decide to hold off until Autumn to get hitched.

When you look at some of the advantages of getting married in the fall, they might be onto something!

Mother Nature Has Found Her Chill

Summer weddings are beautiful! The sun is shining, the weather is hot, and the colors are bright. Everything in existence is turnt up! While it’s the ideal backdrop for your nuptials, the down side is that summer’s extreme heat and humidity can be hell on your bridal look–especially if you’re doing an outdoor wedding. By the time you get to the altar, your makeup is melting and your edges are starting to curl up again. Mother Nature is doing entirely too much!

Depending on which month you choose to get hitched, this isn’t as much of a problem in Fall. You still have the warm weather and a decent amount of daylight without as many humidity woes! Getting married in the Fall gives you most of the elements you love about a Summer wedding without the major drawbacks.

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Long Dresses Are Back In

When planning nuptials, many brides envision draping their bridal party in long gowns. While that stylistic choice presents a few challenges in the Summer, they’re spot-on for Autumn. They’re not too hot for the weather, and a halter neckline is a great style for seasonal transition.

Warm Colors Are Everything For Brown Skinned Brides

The colors of Autumn are deep and rich, which are great for giving your wedding a more luxurious feel. Warm shades of red, orange and even purple are natural compliments for brown skin, which only serves to enhance your bridal glow. A metallic accent could also really make your color palette pop! Not to mention, the natural landscape could enhance the overall landscape of your wedding as the leaves begin to change color.

Fall Weddings Are More Affordable

Everyone wants to be a June bride. If they can’t do that, then many women think July or August will do. However, waiting to jump the broom until October can save you some coins! Since Summer is peak wedding season, many venues are willing to book your event for slightly less because it’s an off-peak time. The demand, while still high, isn’t quite as abundant as the summer months. This means that venues are pricing more competitively, which could work out very well for you and your bridal budget.


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