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Joseline Blows Up Mimi’s Spot Again

1. This episode picks up from last weeks cliffhanger about whether Mimi and Joseline had a threesome with Stevie J or not. Joseline reveals (for the umptheenth time) that she went down on Mimi “all night.” Stevie plays coy, like he doesn’t remember, and Mimi still tries to hold on to her lie about nothing happening, but bruh, we know it did. Joseline might be a lot of things, but one thing she is not (at least thus far) is a liar.

In other news, Joseline actually admits that she had respect for Mimi. She claims that she previously pretended to not have respect for Mimi, because Mimi is always lying–like in the threesome situation, for example. However, Joseline continued, saying she thinks Mimi is a great mother and apologized to her for being such a yatch. They seem to have genuinely made peace.

Jessica Dime Is Jessica Dime

2. Jessica Dime is ratchet as per the usual, but in a rare moment of humility, she actually tells Mimi that she appreciates her for tying to help her further her music career. And then we got back to our regularly scheduled program after Dime pops off on an audience member for saying she had rhinestones on. Um…but she did though. Her dress was made of rhinestones…okay, maybe Swarovski Cystals (but rhinestones are more likely).

Erica Vs. Scrappy…Again

3. We still don’t have more insight into what caused the Erica vs. Scrappy child support beef. Once again, he claims he was giving her an agreed upon amount of money, and she claims he’s lying. They get to bickering again, and it all goes south as expected. The highlight is when Momma Dee screamed so that she could inject herself into the conversation with a PSA moment. She tells everyone that they better rap it up if the “don’t want no babies.” That cannot be stressed enough, but this situation is not so much about not wanting babies since the child is already here. It’s about being mature, where child custody and well-being is involved, and reaching and sticking to a doable agreement for both parties. Back to Momma Dee’s point though. People can use this situation as a reminded for why they should rap it up at all times.

Another Epic Reconciliation

4. Kalenna and Miss Deb made up. Tammy Rivera was nowhere to be found, but it’s probably safe to assume that that beef is still on.

Margeaux Gets Real

5. Margeaux is not here for the impending Stevie J and Joseline performance. She feels that Stevie J and his wife make trash music, and refuses to pretend to enjoy it so she leaves. What she says is true, but the rest of the cast, who are cool with Stevie and Joseline, are enablers. Somebody had to say it.

Joseline’s Big Shot

6. Joseline finally performs. Her style is basically 90s reggaeton. The best part of the performance, though, is when Stevie, out of nowhere, busts out with a smooth R&B riff, like he was having a flash back to how the R&B dudes used to sing back in the 90s.

Hell Hath Frozen Over

7. The nightcap comes when Mimi tells Joseline that god sent Joseline to get between she and Stevie’s relationship  (not ver batim, but that’s the just of it). Mimi claims that as a result of Joseline luring Stevie away from her, she got her friendship with Stevie back, which is all she really wanted. She assures Joseline that she doesn’t lust after Stevie, and that she and Joseline are family, and they can be cool.

Guys, this is Mimi Think we’re talking about here. Just roll with it.


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