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Dear Tom,

We would like to nominate our father, Kojo Xavier Johnson, for a real father’s real men recognition. Our first memories of our father are of him in his black and gold uniform with his instruments.  He is a martial artist in the tradition Capoeira Angola, which originated in West Africa and took form in Brazil among black communities. He is now an instructor dedicated to transforming the lives of black youth by teaching them this African art form which includes a rich history, singing, hand-made instruments and movement. It has become very popular all over the world and many teachers choose to focus on building schools charging a lot of money for classes.

our father, on the other hand, often teaches for free or for very little, because he is committed to black youth wherever they are – in schools, churches, rehabilitation centers and in the community. He does this work in our hometown, Washington DC, but also in Trinidad and the U.S. Virgin Islands. he travels to Caribbean with his own money, often sleeps on the floors of his students homes and gives classes for free outside so that he can reach the youth.

All the while, our father has been battling a pituitary Macro-Adenoma (a type brain tumor) as well as a seizure condition. He has had brain surgery and countless other procedures.  Still his commitment to black youth never wavered.

Please recognize Kojo Xavier Johnson as a Real Father Real Man.


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