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Drama Follows On Land

The cruise is over, but the drama surrounding The White Sistas is still plentiful. Actually, aside from Countess getting back in the gym–more on that in a minute–the crux of the episode is how Forrest and Lisa’s production partner almost came to blows over The White Sistas. More on that later too, but back to Countess, who again is actually making moves.

Countess meets up with Noni, her girlfriend/manager, and tells her she wants her to do the lead song on a documentary she’s working on about  pioneering stuntwomen in Hollywood. Countess is excited until Noni tells her that she wants her to workout so that she can build up the vocal and cardio stamina needed. Countess thinks Noni is being shady, but Countess is just being sensitive. Noni’s thing is that Countess hasn’t been in the studio in a while, and she really wants her to get focused, prepared, conditioned and serious.  Countess realizes that Noni is being genuine, and reveals that the reason she never took music seriously is because her thyroid condition makes her horse most of the time. Noni reiterates that his is exactly why she wants Countess to build stamina, and then Countess sings a few notes. She sounds really good. If that was her without the stamina then we know the real thing is going to be amazing. Too bad Countess is so prone to sleeping on herself, and making excuses for why she can’t do something that she actually can do. Anyway, later in the episode, Countess makes us proud by actually going to the gym and working out with a stuntwoman, and it seems like she’s serious about this after all.

Paula Sr.’s Bad Advice 

Paula, Forrest, and their son Onederful meet up with Paula’s mom and start complaining about the slow movement of The White Sistas, which is actually their fault (but in their world, nothing is their fault). Paula’s mom blames Forrest for this, and tells Paula that she needs to leave the project to him and allow him to “do his job as a man” and just back him up when he needs it, which is terrible advice in this case. Paula agrees, which isn’t a smart decision, but she’s Paula.

Golden, Lisa and her production partner, and Countess meet for dinner. Elise isn’t there because she’s doing a play, but she and Golden got to chat earlier and she reiterates that she never tried to cut them out of The White Sistas deal. The dinner attendees are charged up from their discussion about feeling swindled, and can’t wait to get to the bottom of who’s trying to cut who out of what deal.

Eventually, Forrest shows up without Paula, who is actually taking a meeting with another producer about The White Sistas. Golden opens up the convo and says she feels some type of way about Paula saying that Forrest should have more ownership of The White Sistas, because they all created it. They feel that they did equal writing, and that he just pieced it together, and shouldn’t be entitled to any more shares. Forrest is annoyed, and gets really condescending by telling him that he’s being extremely patient with them.

Lisa’s partner chimes in with advice about being professional, and then Forrest starts going on this spiel about ho  he was trying to protect himself legally (Um, Whet?), and goes back to the whole thing about Elise being the one to try to cut them out out the deal, which isn’t fair because she’s not there to defend herself. He proposes that he’ll break pieces off to the rest of them, being that he has the highest percentage, like they’re puppies fighting for scraps. Golden and the gang tell him that they don’t believe him, and think he’s just throwing Elise under the bus to try and save he and his wife’s arses. The conversation escalates further and the two men at the table (Forrest and Lisa’s production partner) almost come to blows. After the near-scuffle gets broken up, Forrest tells them that he’s just going to recast them.

That’s probably the best idea any one has come up with thus far. I’d be pissed too if I was Golden and company, because that’s time and creative ideas wasted, but Forrest and Paula are obviously unprofessional and um…not that smart when it comes to business. Let them be, and move on with that valuable lesson learned. Business and friendship don’t mix anyway.


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