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Shooting and police chase around the the U.S. Capitol

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

StoryCorps is a non-profit organization that has been allowing people to document stories about their lives since 2003. According to their website, it is one of the largest oral history projects of its kind. The site also reports that StoryCorps has collected and archived over 50,000 interviews. StoryCorps produced the animation about one Black male’s narrative in his encounter with the police.

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This latest narrative is an animated film called Traffic Stop. We can all agree that it is timely and much-needed, when stories of Black people’s encounters with police are becoming more and more well-known and visible. As reported by NPR, the creator, Alex Landau, is Black, but was adopted by White parents. Landau’s unfortunate encounter with the police saw him being pulled over, his friend handcuffed, and Laundau himself was beaten to a pulp. He was also almost shot by the police but by some miracle, he escaped the incident alive. He needed 45 stitches when he was in the hospital.

Although the film is only three minutes long, it truly leaves one with heartbreak, and to be perfectly honest, a certain kind of despondency. How long are we going to keep enduring this?

Watch Traffic Stop below:


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