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Dear Tom,

Jenaine butler is the single mother of three: 2 sons (Delante is 21 and Josiah is 13) and Elizabeth – her 16 year old daughter…she also has 2 parakeets – music & miracle.  My dear friend is also a mom to an entire community of children through a ministry she started in her home called having options providing education – or H.O.P.E.

it 10 years ago by hosting youth groups, bible studies and mentorship programs, but she recently expanded it by offering awareness on educational options through teacher professional development, parent training seminars 7 also takes the kids on annual retreats.

Jenaine works at academy of hope charter school where she helps adults get their GED, build their skills, and get on track to college.  She was about to start that job when a commercial vehicle struck and totaled her car –injuring her and 2 of her children.

Fortunately, the school kept the position open for her until she completed the physical therapy but during that time, she lost wages but never stopped sharing her spiritual gifts and kept H.O.P.E. alive.

I am certain that Jenaine would love to take a “Calgon” moment to relax and getaway.  The work she does is very rewarding to her, but it is also taxing, as she takes little time for herself.  She is a great mom and role model.

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