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Dear Tom,

I would like to tell you about my daddy – Barry Gay. He is awesome.

I know that me and my brother is lucky to have both of our parents still together after 18 years. They show us what love is…my mom tell us that all the time. Ok, now here is why my daddy is the best.

He works long hours (12 hrs sometimes) but he never misses taking me to baseball, basketball, going to watch my brothers play in the band at high school (Bj plays the sax). He never complains. He encourages me to do my best, and lets me have it when I don’t listen.

Everyone thinks my dad is the coolest and I have to admit he is. The one thing he does not have is grass in the front yard. We had a toilet problem and they had to tear up our front yard to fix it. Our yard smelled like “poop”, it was funny to us, but not to my dad. Now we have the worst yard in the neighborhood. Please help my dad pay for new grass so we can have a nice yard to play in this summer.

Thank you,

(PS, my mom gave me permission to write this letter)


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