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Look out.

Here they come.

Television commercials, radio ads, door knocks, fliers, robo-calls from presidential candidates all targeting you, trying to out black each other.

That means the Republicans too.

Believing Hillary Clinton has the women vote all but sewn up, they’re coming after voters of color.

Here’s the evidence.

Late last year in October in an interview with Politico Rand Paul said he believes a GOP candidate, probably him, can get at least a third of the black vote, if not more.

Paul said,  “I don’t want to limit it to that. I don’t want to say there’s only a third open. … The reason I use the number ‘a third,’ is that when you do surveys of African-American voters, a third of them are conservative on a preponderance of the issues. So, there is upside potential.”

According to Politico last year Paul also met with black leaders in Ferguson, opened up a GOP outreach office in a black neighborhood in Kentucky and spoke at the National Urban League convention.

He’s also been speaking a lot about fair sentencing for crimes where blacks are disproportionately affected.

He was one of the sponsors the Fair Sentencing Act, which President Barack Obama signed last year.

Is Rand Paul black enough?

Remains to be seen.

What about Mike Huckabee?

Huckabee says he has more street cred than any of the 2016 Republican hopefuls, telling The Hill last September, “I know how to govern. It’s about developing relationships, building camaraderie, building trust. I don’t think you’ll find a Republican who got 49 percent of the African-American vote, as I did, in my reelection as governor. That had high Hispanic support. Those are things I think could be valuable to the party.”

Huckabee was talking directly to Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio in that interview, each of who believe they have a lock on Latino voters.

Is Marco Rubio black enough?

Well, he thinks so.

The Florida Republican has been openly discussing his love affair with rappers Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.

It is an obvious attempt to reach out to young and black voters.

Jeb Bush has also been talking about he is evolving on issues which affect blacks and women.

And finally, the only woman in the race so far, Hillary Clinton isn’t taking anything for granted when it comes to the black vote.

Blacks are prominently featured in her new announcement video.

President Obama stopped short of endorsing her, but says Clinton is his friend and would make a great President Of The United States.

Get ready y’all; the road to 2016, even without an African American in the race, will be bigger and blacker than ever.

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