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How are these donor transplant procedures covered financially?

The vast majority are covered by private insurance, and there is a federal initiative for indigent families. There is no cost for the donor family.

My sister had a heart transplant on 11/19/10 and she passed away 11/14/14. I want to know how to start an awareness for Black people in my hometown about being a organ donor. 

Contact your local organ procurement organization, contact your social worker and they can put you in touch.

How can people get involved and help to educate others about this important issue?

Call Marion Shuck 630-758-2616  at the Gift of Hope and we will find the appropriate organization. 

Are there certain diseases like hypertension or diabetes that keeps you from being a organ or tissue donor?

Neither of those diseases are game stoppers, quite often organs are recovered from diabetics or from people with hypertension. Again, they are evaluated on their individual merit.

Why are organs being sold on the black market?

We don’t know that to be true. However, if you have evidence, you should run, not walk to the police and share that information with them.

What’s the number to donate a kidney?

Call your local transplant hospital.

I heard if you’re in an accident and your an organ donor, they don’t try as hard to save you because they need your parts.

Absolutely not true, doctors and EMTs take an oath to save your life. When an EMT arrives at the scene of an accident, they try to extricate you from the situation you are in, not look for your wallet.

What about the rumors that Black organs are genetically stronger?

It is exactly that, a rumor.

How do you get on a list to see if your kidney is compatible to donate should you be a match?

Within your state, contact to the appropriate transplant coordinator – call Marion Shuck, Manager, Community Affairs at the Gift of Hope 630-758-2616 for assistance.

Can you donate a heart that was already donated?

No, if an organ has been donated, the possibility of re-donating is slim because of the medicines used to keep the organ viable and non rejected.

After donating a kidney, how much do your eating and drinking habits have to change?

There will be some concerns about your ability to successfully rid your body or liquid waste, however, moderate cutbacks of intake of fluids and you should be fine.

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