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Still on your new year new you flow beauties? Excellent! I really believe this is your year so I wanted to let you know that you can drop pounds without dropping all your cash. So whether you are a gym rat or fitness studio queen may these tips from nationally-recognized shopping expert for Kinoli Inc. Andrea Woroch help you cut your gym cost while you cut inches of your waistline.

#1 Try Everything

Most gyms offer complimentary introductory memberships for up to a week, so before you officially sign up, hook up with as many facilities as possible. This will give you a chance to see what kind of classes they offer, how the instructors are and how busy things can get during peak hours. So take advantage of as many complimentary memberships as you can so you can find something you love before you commit.

#2 Practice Haggling

Signing up for a gym is very similar to buying a car which means you don’t have to accept the price on the window. Membership associates have quotas to meet and often use high-pressure sales tactics to get you to commit for the long haul. However there’s always room for a better deal. In fact committing to a gym membership at the end of the month may score you a lower monthly rate since they are desperate to meet their monthly quotas around this time. Don’t want to wait until then? There are other ways to add value to your membership. Ask the associate for the first month free, more guest passes, extra personal training sessions etc.

#3 Pay As You Go

Paying a flat monthly fee typically works out to less money per visit than a punch pass, however if you don’t have time to hit the gym everyday or you prefer to be active outdoors, paying per visit may offer a better value and will also save you potential early-termination fees if you want to cancel the membership before the contract is up. Or opt for a low cost no contract membership at facilities like Blink or Planet Fitness. These are good options for gym newbies looking to build a fitness regimen without worrying about spending big bucks.

#4 Stretch the Definition of Family

Many health clubs provide family membership deals that aren’t limited to blood relatives. This means you can sign up with a few friends to benefit from the discounted offer. Find trustworthy friends and designate one individual to make the monthly payment and come up with a reimbursement plan that works for everyone. Whether each person sends the payee a check, transfers money via Paypal or sends one lump sum for the year, work this out ahead of time. It will help you avoid any rifts in friendship that may occur due to financial issues.

#5 Track Coupons & Daily Deals

Before you sign a gym contract or enroll in a new fitness studio, look for deals online. CouponSherpa offer coupons and free passes for health clubs including 24Hour Fitness, while daily deal sites like Groupon and LivingSocial provide deep discounts of up to 70-percent on local memberships and personal training. By tracking these deals you can jump around from gym to studio to bootcamp by taking advantage of new monthly offers.  Plus changing up your workouts often shocks the body and ultimately leads to quicker results.

#6 Personal Train For Less

For newbies, personal training is a great way to get acquainted with a gym and the equipment, plus learn exercise moves based on individual goals. However, one-on-one sessions are pricey. One way to keep fees down is to split the cost of sessions with a friend at the same fitness level. Some trainers may even be willing to meet outside of the facility for a less expensive session.

#7 Build Your Own Gym

Last but not least, the number one way to cut gym costs is to not go to the gym at all. Instead build an at-home gym that you can use in the morning before work or in the evening while watching your favorite shows. Though this may cost more upfront, you’ll end up saving money in the long run. Or figure out your budget and checkout these tips for building a home gym that fits your budget.

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