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Tom, the worst of the snowfall passed about an hour ago, but the worst of the storm is not over.

The wind is the problem.

Gusts of up to 70 mph have been clocked in some areas, mostly along the coast.

I can still hear snow plows scrapping the pavement 11 floors below my hotel room, yet it’s virtually the only sound you’ll hear in New York City this morning.

It was the only sound you heard in the city last night as well.

The entire city shut down last night at 11 o’clock – mayor’s orders.

No subways. No busses. No taxis. No bridges or tunnels in or out of the city until further notice.

A lot of people spent the night in the airport because not many planes were going anywhere in the Northeast corridor.

Yesterday and today more than 7,000 flights have been cancelled.

States from Maine to New Jersey under states  of emergency, meaning no cars were allowed out on the roads except for emergency vehicles after midnight.

The curfew started at 11 o’clock in New York City with a fine of $300.

Everyone is awaiting word on when they can drive, take the subway or hail a cab.

It’s the best excuse ever to stay home from work.

You don’t even have to call in sick.

An edict from the mayor or the governor is better than any note from a doctor.

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