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MississippiProtesters_CroppedAs many throughout the nation continue rise up to let their voices be heard against social injustices and the tyranny of abusive police-action, protestors in Desoto County, Mississippi were subjected to a barrage of racial taunts where the n-word and other obscenities were hurled at them by passersby, according to WREG.

Local TV reporters were covering a protestors march in Desoto’s Horn Lake area on Friday, Dec. 12. They witnessed drivers mercilessly use racial slurs against those who were holding signs, chanting and united in their cause to speak out against the wrongs of the criminal justice system in this country.

Protest organizers say their goal is to draw attention to the number of African Americans dying as a result of incidents with police.

Folks were peacefully up in arms about cases like that of the Ferguson, Mo. unarmed youth Michael Brown, who was shot and killed by a white policeman; they were also protesting the murder of New Yorker Eric Garner, the black man who died as a result of a chokehold from policeman Daniel Pantaleo.  Neither Wilson nor Pantaleo were indicted for the deaths.

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Police were summoned when the Desoto protestors blocked an intersection. Apparently, motorists shouted a barrage of incendiary words at the marchers according to WREG.  One unidentified woman who observed the marchers told the news outlet she was not in agreement with the politics of those protesting and felt folks should be law-abiding at all costs without questioning the authorities.  “If [the police officer] sees someone breaking the law and they need to stop, they need to stop,” Carolyn Rook said. “Don’t argue with them, do what they say and fight it out in court,” the woman contends.

Former police officer Sam Williams (pictured), revealed to WREG however, how he felt many officers don’t even bother to stop and think before they reach into their gun holster. “I never drew blood from anyone. So don’t tell me you can’t,” says Williams. “I never let a person get away. Everyone I went to arrest, I arrested them.”

Watch the video of the protestors here.

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