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It’s looking more and more likely that the Ferguson Grand Jury could have a decision this coming weekend.

There are reports that it could happen as soon as tomorrow, Friday.

Here’s why.

Through law enforcement officials briefed on the plans, CNN’s Justice Correspondent Evan Perez is reporting that the grand jurors are preparing to meet on Friday for what looks like their final session.

The official says a decision on whether to charge Officer Darren Wilson is possible on the same day.

It had been stated before that the jury had seen all the evidence and heard from all the witnesses.

But, we are also learning now through the official channels that prosecutors are preparing to present more evidence to the grand jury before starting deliberations; something Defense Attorney Mark Geragos finds unusual.

And that may be good news for the people fighting for an indictment and what they say is a more open and transparent jury trial of the officer.

If a decision does come Friday, prosecutors are expected to give law enforcement a 48 hour notice before the announcement is made public on Sunday.

But given all the leaks Mark Geragos and CNN’s Sunny Hostin told Anderson Cooper, don’t count on it remaining secret.

If that happens it increases the likelihood of unrest because the leaked decision will have no explanation from the prosecutor and the evidence won’t have been released.

And one more thing while we’re at it.

The prosecutor has said he may keep secret the names of the grand jurors out of concern that they may be put at risk.

The whole world is watching and waiting.

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