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Dear Tom,

My mother Jennifer Gail Robertson is the best nominee for your Thursday Morning Mom. She raised me and my twin brother alone. Working 2 and sometimes 3 jobs to raise both of us and still had time to read us a bedtime story almost every night. To show you how good my mother is I had my son on the same date and time that she gave birth to me and my twin brother.

My brother was recently killed a few days before the 3 of us would celebrate our birthday. But, that didn’t stop my mother. She took in his widow and his 3 kids as if they were her own. Paid for them to go to the best schools and did just like the good samaritan, she purchased his widow a nice SUV to transport all 3 of my brother’s kids sacraficing money she didn’t have but for the grandkids..consider it done.

Tom all my mother really wants/needs is a good washer and dryer. Doing Laundry is her passion.  Although her washer is worn out as bad as her knees she still washes all of her clothes and the grandkids clothes daily by carrying them to the laundrymat..putting a strain on her body. HELP HELP HELP!!!

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