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Despite a fickle fan base of women and gay men who define their vocabulary with “Bloop,” NeNe Leakes will always be the most favored “Real Housewives Of Atlanta” cast member which is why she only rolls solo to “Watch What Happens Live.” Don’t get it twisted.

NeNe, wearing every ounce of makeup in her Louis Vuitton carrying case, slid through “WWHL” in a gorgeous black gown (Michael Costello, of course), and blonde hair that flowed like Marilyn Monroe. Literally. She looked like a model straight out of the folds of a 40s magazine (which I actually just love). The reality star-turned actress chimed in on the season 7 premiere of “RHOA” that aired last night — the same episode that left us with a heap of questions, beginning and ending with Phaedra’s relationship with Apollo. From Kenya and Apollo hashing out OLD news, to Phaedra skipping out on Apollo’s sentencing and Cynthia’s newfound strength, we’re still trying to figure out what is what with Georgia’s peaches.

If you watched last night’s show, you’re aware of Phaedra and Apollo’s situation. Phaedra left their home after “finding out” about Apollo’s legal problems and didn’t show up to his sentencing hearing, which was surprising since they’ve been married for over five years and have two children together. It seems as if Phaedra is just trying to distance herself, by all means, from Apollo who’s currently serving time for bank fraud — a crime she was once linked to by a woman named Angela Stanton. But I digress. Nene made it very clear, that if it were Gregg up on the chopping block she would have been there.

“I had mixed feelings about it,” she said. “I tried to put myself in that place. I am married, I would want to support my husband in the good and bad, but I can understand how it might have been difficult. I’m in a funny place with it.” NeNe also revealed a bit of advice she gave Phaedra. “I give her the truest advice I can give her. I tell her what I’ve gone through. I haven’t ever gone through that before – someone going off to prison, but I know that must be hard for her.  And the things that I said to her is just ‘live your life, just be true to who you are’ because that’s you really can do in a situation like this.  People are gonna judge you regardless.”


She even mentioned if she’d go see her “Real Housewives” friend Teresa Giudice in jail. “Yeah sure. If she is in Connecticut and if she wanted to see me.”

NeNe also commented on her ex-friendship with Cynthia. “For somebody to sit and act like now her marriage is better because she’s not friends with me. Really, Cynthia? Girl come on. Look who’s saying ‘I like this new Cynthia’,” she said referring to Kenya. To drive the point home, she gave them the ole “Bye Felicia” treatment. “Bye girls, I’m on Broadway,” she said. Later in the show, a fan asked NeNe does she think Kenya is trying to manipulate Cynthia, to which she responded, “I’m sure Cynthia is going to say and do whatever she can do and I’m okay with that. I’m truly okay with it. As people have said over the years that Cynthia was my lap dog, which she never was my lap dog and that’s the honest God’s truth. But I can see her being someone else’s lap dog. She doesn’t seem to have a backbone.”

And while we think calling Peter a “B*tch” was the beginning of the end of their friendship, NeNe says “I don’t think that was the reason for the fallout between Cynthia and i. We went about our lives, we hung out, I went to her daughter’s birthday party.  I hung out for her birthday in New York. We rang in New Years together in Vegas. I think once the Twitterverse started speaking about me saying it, she decided ‘I need to say something’ but Cynthia and I were cool, we still talked on the phone. Nothing changed and it was all a big lie in the first place so keep watching the season so you can hear more about it.”

 That is all.



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