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4 Quick & Easy Ways To Banish Those Wrinkles We All Hate

As some of us beauties approach our 30’s and 40’s and we lead such busy lives filled with stress and sleep deprivation, our quests to keep wrinkles at bay is a steep uphill battle. However there are ways you can slow down the aging process. Here are four quick and easy tips to prevent wrinkles!

1. Give Up Cigarettes

Smoking accelerates the aging process as it tampers with the blood supply that keeps skin looking plump and youthful. By reducing the blood flow as well as the amount of oxygen and nutrients that can get to the skin, smoking robs our appearances of vital nourishment and essential minerals. YUCK!

In order to keep wrinkles at bay, it’s time to ban the cancer sticks. Not only will it benefit your internal health as well as your bank balance, it will also have a positive effect on your skin too.

2. Stock up on Collagen

Collagen is essential for giving skin its youthful and plump appearance. As we get older our collagen supplies diminish as does our ability to regenerate this miracle skin saver. By using products rich in collagen like this collagen cream from Love Your Skin, this will significantly help to keep any unwanted creases at bay.


Made using the finest natural active ingredients, this multi-tasking moisturizer will not only give your skin an intensive collagen boost but will keep it hydrated and nourished throughout the day.

3. Ban the Booze

Alcohol affects the hydration and moisture of the skin and the essential nutrients. In order to keep your skin in tip-top condition, keep alcohol consumption to a minimum where possible. If you do decide to have a few (or 10) tipples, make sure you substitute each alcoholic beverage with a glass of water – your skin and head will thank you in the long-term.

Use this handy unit calculator to keep on top of your drinking habits.

4. Be Sun Savvy

If you are an avid sun worshipper (and even if you’re not), make sure you properly protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Choose a moisturizer with an SPF for during the day. Not only will this protect your skin against skin cancer, it will also safeguard your skin against skin pigmentation and sun damage.

When collectively considered, these simple lifestyle choices can help you banish your wrinkles and ensure your skin age is dramatically decreased – start today.

So let’s not keep secrets, tell me what you’re doing to keep your youthful glow!


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