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10/22/14 –

Dear Tom,

In 2006, my husband of two years had his first heart attack.  He was only thirty-one years-old. He has been in and out of hospitals ever since due to life-threatening heart disease. On October 3rd, he underwent yet another open-heart surgery.

We are in a desperate situation and we need a Christmas wish from you to throw us a life-line.  I had to take time off from my part-time job at a dollar store to take care of my husband.  It is our only means of keeping a few dollars flowing into our household, but it is not enough to pay our rent, cover my husband’s 17 medications, food and the gas we need to drive an hour and a half to his doctor appointments and back.

We have no food in the house and yesterday I had to borrow some from a relative to have something to eat.   We can’t pick up all of my husband’s medications from the pharmacy, because we can’t afford them all.  I have no gas in the car to take him to his next appointment and rent is overdue.  We are just asking for a little help that would be the biggest and blessed gift to us both.

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