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Oh my goodness! This season’s line up of premieres is “Scandal-ous” and I have no idea “How I’m Going To Get Away With…” watching this much television, and keeping my waistline snatched. So while I would rather get down like Olivia Pope and watch this season’s #TGIT line up with a glass of red wine and some air popped popcorn, I am determined to stay on my FitGirl workout flow. So join me beauties, and let’s turn our living rooms into healthy sweating rooms with these seven easy tips.

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1) Make Dinner Special

Notice how although you already ate dinner, you can’t stop thinking about Doritos and Pepsi during commercial breaks? Well it’s because marketing works and those fast food flashing commercials whipping across your screen every seven minutes are very intentional. We all fall prey to this beauties, so in order to combat those crazy impulses to run downstairs and raid the corner store, I suggest making dinner so memorable that savory ads wont even stand a chance. By creating a relaxing and pleasurable ambiance during dinner time (sans television), you will not only enjoy your meal much more, but separating your chewing from your viewing pleasure instantly becomes 10 times easier.

2) Fine, Have Some Wine

Just because Liv is drinking a bottle of red a night on your TV screen doesn’t mean you have to join her. Ok fine, break out the Pinot Noir. But here’s the deal – make it a one glass limit treat. Red wine has many health benefits (in moderation) so sip don’t gulp in between commercial breaks. Watching the entire #TGIT line up starting with “Grey’s Anatomy?” Commit to sweating the first hour (check out my Couch Potato workout for tips on how), rehydrate with a few glasses of water the next hour, and then, if you’re still craving that glass of vino, pour yourself a glass. No judgement.

3) Sweat During Commercials

Try my Couch Potato workout, even if you binge watch TV with your DVR, getting a serious burn in is totally an option too. I created this no equipment needed workout just for you beauties, so instead of fast forwarding over those commercials let’s move fast instead. These quick and dynamic exercises will not only get your heart rate up in a major way but are also perfect for any level of fitness you may be currently in. So ready, set, let’s sweat.

4) Watch And Sweat

If you’re anything like me then your mouth was wide open during the series premiere of “How To Get Away With Murder.” So intense and jaw dropping right? Well how about you throw an intense sweat sesh into the mix too. Watching your favorite shows while sweating is a great way to get some cardio in. If your gym has TVs, hop on that treadmill or elliptical and stay on from start to finish. That’s one hour that is guaranteed to fly by. Want to up the ante and really go for a burn? Add some intervals by either increasing your speed and/or resistance during commercial breaks. Holla!

5) Stand Up And Watch

Don’t feel like showing your muscles some love during your favorite shows? Fine. You can still break up that sedentary action by standing. The body burns more calories when standing upright, so sneak in a teeny bit of fitness by ironing or folding laundry during your prime-time viewing pleasure. Not only will your body thank you, but your to do list will too! I see you multitasking momma.

6) Stretch Your Body

Nothing says time to wind down better than flopping on the couch and staring into your tube right? But why not pair this mindless behavior with another relaxing regimen like yoga? Stretching and yoga postures are great physical options during your TV time simply because it allows you to focus on being still and holding a posture or stretch (sans boredom). The recommended time to hold stretches is at least 30 seconds which is also the average time of a commercial. So roll out your mat, ditch the remote and stretch your body while you tune out (or in).

7) Be A Couch Potato Cutie

Last little trick I have girls is the power of dressing the part. When my motivation is super low I swap my loungewear and pajamas for some comfy (and cute) fit gear. It still feels like I’m in my PJ’s however whenever I look down in between programs my fun fitness attire serves as a reminder that I should get up and move. I love the affordable and adorable options over at Target via their C9 by Champion® line, so don’t be surprised if I invite you over for a #TGIT party and I’m rocking their C9 by Champion® Women’s Seamless Cami Sports Bra along with the Women’s Leopard Leggings. No worries, you can copy my style – check out my look out here.

Robbie Ann Darby (RAD Experience) is a professional FitGirl, Group Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer in NYC. Follow her sweaty life on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more fun health and fitness tips!


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