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09/04/14 –

Dear Tom,

Back in 1997, I was serving in the military and was going through a bad divorce.  I moved to little rock for a fresh start and got a great job at the Red Cross.  One of my co-workers kept bugging me to go to her church so i finally went and that’s where i met my future wife.

Elva had just gone through a divorce, too, so I took it slow.  We started dating and ended up getting married to each other the following year and we just celebrated 16 years on July 2nd.

My amazing wife has been the rock that has held our blended family together.  I got custody of my 2 daughters from my previous marriage and they loved her from the start – they are now 28 & 23.  We have also been blessed with 3 more girls – 15-year-old and 12-year-old twins!

Elva worked full-time while raising our children and going to school.  So far, my wife has completed 2 degrees:  an associate’s degree in criminology and a bachelor’s degree in business management.

Over the years, she has gone without many of her own needs to ensure our family is cared for.  So whenever there is any extra money, our daughters come first.

I am seeing less and less of her lately, Tom.  Over the last 8 months, she has lost 30 pounds.  She is working out and eating better and she is looking fantastic.  I just wish I could give my wife the new wardrobe that she needs and deserves.

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