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08/21/14 –

Dear Tom,

My wife and i are both marauders – proud graduates of central state university – that’s where we met.  She was a senior and i was a freshman.  I told her when i met her that i was going to make her my wife.  She laughed so hard that she started crying.

Fast forward to today – crystal is an amazing wife and mother!  We have 4 beautiful daughters between the ages of 9 weeks and 8 years of age.

Back in 2005, you spoke at her commencement and said something that stuck with her.  You said, “Anything you would do for free is what you should do with your life.”   So she went to work at the boys & girls clubs of greater Cincinnati.  My wife started off as a part timer and after 8 years, she worked on up to club director.

She really loves children –working with them and helping them.  She has verbally adopted over 175 kids that she sees on a daily basis.  She is also a mentor to teens and every year, during spring break, she takes them on an HBCU college tour.

My wife has been talking about taking a trip to Saint Louis.  She is fascinated by the gateway arch… but the timing is not right.  I know that having the chance to take a vacation make her extremely happy.

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