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Some of us live for pop stars and reality TV. We are quick to use a hashtag in support of our favorites like Rihanna and Beyonce who are supported and admired for their fashion sense, their chart positions, their marriages, their new hairstyles or their new releases. There’s a #RihannaNavy and a #Beyhive and they are millions strong. When either one posts something new to their respective websites or Twitters, makes an awards show appearance or shows up on a blog, there are hundred of posts from fans that will go hard in support of their idols.

While Beyonce and Rihanna have the attention of the world, there is a young women from Houston,Texas, Beyonce’s hometown, who is also trending on social media these days. Her name is Jada. She is 16. On June 1st, she, like many other young women do, went to a house party with some friends. There was drinking going on. Jada accepted a drink, passed out from what is believed to be one that was doctored and woke up the next day realizing that she had been undressed. She says she was told that she had vomited on herself and a friend had cleaned her up.

But days after, Jada found out that one or more young men had performed various sex acts on her and posted photos and videos of her unconscious and half-dressed online. Although rape victims are generally not named, Jada, who has asked for her last name not to be used, has armed herself with the same tools her alleged rapists used to humiliate her – social media. There are #IStandwithjada and #IAmJada hashtags circulating online.

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