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My name is Durrell “Tank” Babbs and I am the proud father of four beautiful children. Jordan, Ryen, Zoey and Durrell Jr. have completely changed my life. I guess you could say that having three girls and only one boy, God was definitely calling me out for my romancing/womanizing/heartbreaking ways.

One could say that the road to fatherhood that I was on was getting ready to be a tough one but quite the contrary. I was blessed that the beautiful women that mother my children are awesome women. Their standards and their teachings have made it easy and fun for me to be a father.

Most times for men the difficulty is always in the relationship with the mom and that creates strain on the relationship with the child. I am blessed to not have any of these issues. I get to see my children anytime I want, I get to take them anywhere they want to go, I get to buy them anything their hearts desire, and most of all I just get to love them with everything I am.

Of course none of this came without some trials and tribulations in the beginning. Having a child with someone is totally different than going half on condo. This is a life bond and the goal is to team up and raise the best child possible. To be mad or to have issues with the person that I need to help me raise my children is completely counter productive.

As a father I have to get out of my own feelings and do what’s best for my babies and in most cases what’s best for their mom. As a father I’ve learned the importance of the connection between the mom and her children.

It is my belief that a happy woman makes life beautiful for everyone especially her children. Being a father is completely selfless. The kids eat all your food, the mom and the kids take all your money, and it’s up to dad to fix everything (lol); a concept that I have completely fallen in love with.

I try to imagine life before my kids and I can’t figure out what I used to do with all of my time. Was I wasting it? Being a father has given me purpose. Being a father has given me new life. Being a father was what I was created to be. I pray that I can be half the father that my father was and is to me.

So on this Father’s Day I don’t want any gifts or any special recognition. I just want to enjoy what I am and what I have: a father with four beautiful children… love.

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