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janelle ambrosia

Janelle Ambrosia is having the best day ever because it’s “White Privilege Wednesday,” a day she proclaimed on Twitter. The stripper made headlines after her racist rant was recorded inside the parking lot of a shopping plaza. The cause for her outburst? A black man startled her children when he started his car. In case you are one of those millennials who think we live in a post-racist world, newsflash, here’s evidence that racism STILL exists!

Janelle’s two children watched in the background as their mother demanded the man behind the camera stop recording her. She was on the phone while she yelled obscenities like “you’re a nasty f*cking n*gger” and every variation of the “n-word” you can think of. Just when you thought it couldn’t get anymore offensive, she revealed that she’s stripped for cops so her victim wouldn’t get any help if he called the police.

While the man behind the wheel wasn’t seeking to sue, he did intend on uploading his footage on the Internet to showcase racism in all of it’s glory. While the video made Janelle an Internet star, it did what it was supposed to, put her on blast!

Let’s be real here, Janelle knew she was being videotaped and it didn’t stop her from spewing such hatred, so it’s clear that she doesn’t think anything is wrong with her views (or expressing them in a very violent and public manner) and the backlash from strangers isn’t going to change that. However, she underestimated the power of the Internet because she questioned what the man would benefit from filming her. “He thinks he’s going to get something out of it,” she screamed on the phone. Well he got what he wanted. She is now the biggest bigot in America.

Janelle has a Twitter account that is a blatant reflection of her racist point of view.

Between Donald Sterling, the racist supervisor at a cotton gin, Mark Cuban and now this video, us Blacks are tapped out of emotions. Seriously, it’s 2014, must we still to be subject to this ridiculousness?

Go home lady.


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