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05/29/14 –

Dear Tom,

My mom has always gone above and beyond her motherly duties to ensure my brother and I am always taken care of.  She is the oldest daughter of 9 siblings and had to stop attending school when she was in elementary school to help take care of them.

She works with autistic children and volunteers at a shelter for runaway teenage girls. She cooks meals for them, listens to their problems, gives them advice and counsels them as much as she can.

She is also the mother of her church: she gives rides to and from the church, the grocery store, the doctor and the bingo hall.  My mom loves bingo – she goes there to clear her mind and relax…but it’s been a minute since she yelled out “bingo!”

My mother has always missed the joy of an education. Earlier this year, she went back to get her GED and make herself proud.  She enrolled and was the happiest I had seen in years but something came up.

My dad had hip replacement surgery and her mother had a pacemaker installed – and my mother is caring for them both.  Once again, she has put her education on hold to take care of others.  She plans to go back when the next session begins but the recent setbacks got her behind with her car payment.

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