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05/20/14 –

Dear Tom,

A few years ago I was closing the chapter on a very rough marriage and was in the process of divorcing. My plans were to focus solely on my three children, myself and our dog.

Jermaine and I had gone to high school together but never dated and barely spoke to each other, if at all. Jermaine had reached out a few times on Facebook, but it was just to catch up.

One day in august of 2010, he reached out again. Out of that conversation came many – every day – all day. He would call in the morning to pray over me and the kids. He would call while at work. He would call when the children got home. He would call before the night was over to pray once again over us. We realized that we were falling in love and sealed that love on November 5, 2011.

When Jermaine proposed he told me that he wasn’t just taking me as his wife, but he wanted it all – me, m y three children who were 16 (Tiffany), 13 (Junia) and 11 (Justus) and our dog Suga (mind you he had no children and no dog)!

Since that day, he has stepped right in as their dad and made a huge impact on their lives. My children and I came out of a dark situation but he has brought so much joy and laughter back into our lives. Our children are excelling in every area.

I’m writing because my husband sacrifices so much for me and the children to the point where he goes lacking. He’s a big guy (my big daddy) and I can’t just go into a store and buy him something – he has to order everything; which is expensive. I would just love for him to have the opportunity to go shopping for himself because he is a real father and a real man!

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