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Dear Tom,

My daughter has been raising four boys as a single parent. She works at Quest Diagnostics while maintaining her household and fixes things around the house.

Every day, she takes her baby to daycare, takes them to and from school and all of their after school activities like basketball practice and football games.  I always wonder how she does it but she somehow manages through it all and makes it look easy.

She is a strong single black woman who is non-stop on regular.  In her spare time, my little girl likes to go to the movies and is a real good bowler.

At home she “cooks” but prefers “baking.”  She makes real mean casseroles, roasts poultry and broils meats & briskets as well as pies, cakes and cookies. She bakes so much that she wore her oven out!

I would love for her to get a new range and maybe a new microwave for her kitchen.  I believe it would lift her spirits up and make her feel that even though she faces a challenge day in and day out…I want her to know that it’s all worth it.

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