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An alleged tweet from Solange (or a very talented Photoshopper) says just that – that Jay hit Beyonce and Solange was tired of it. If that’s true, the elevator fight becomes a lot more understandable. But it’s the Internet and if the tweet was real, it was quickly deleted. Is it possible that Solange has mental issues or a quick temper or both, as has been suggested? Sure, and if so, it’s got to be devastating to watch your own sister decline to the point that she would attack your husband.

As the only people who know exactly why what happened in that elevator are B, Jay, Solange and Julius, we won’t ever really know the answers. As they say, those that know don’t tell and those that tell don’t know. What we do know is that Beyonce’s carefully crafted public image, the result of years of her own hard work, as well as it the work of many others on her team, has been tainted.

But it instead of hurting her, seeing that she too, deals with Real People Problems, will only endear her to her fans even more. In an elevator, dressed in a thousand dollar Givenchy gown with all the money and fame in the world at her disposal, Beyonce and those closest to her, had a human, relatable moment.

It was three people, outside of the public eye, if not the electronic one, working out issues that may have been festering for years, in their own way. Although most of us believe violence isn’t the way to resolve problems, we all want to be protected. Some of us are fortunate to have family members willing step on our behalf when we can’t do what we need to for our own good.

Or was it just one bad moment Solange regretted hours later? Maybe. We’ve all been in the middle of vicious family rifts that later work themselves out and those that sadly, never do. We can expect Jay-Z and Beyonce to continue to show a public face of happiness, especially with their joint “On the Run” tour slated for the summer and Jay’s “Welcome to America” concert series expanding from Philadelphia to a concurrent concert in L.A. this year.

But if just for a second, we got a glimpse behind the curtain and realized that there are real people standing there, maybe that’s something that will turn out to be a good thing in the end – for Beyonce and for us.

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