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Tae Heckard Responds To Teyana Taylor & We’re Like Let It Go

teyana taylor- brandon jennings tae heckard

We’re not going to entertain the shenanigans going on between former friends Teyana Taylor and Tae Heckard for much longer. This story is just getting old and we wish they’d get over it.

In case you missed it, or just didn’t care to read about their ongoing beef, here’s the gist of it: Teyana Taylor and Tae Heckard were allegedly friends then all of a sudden Tae began dating Brandon Jennings–Teyana’s ex. Jennings tweeted about his new relationship, downplaying every OTHER relationship he’s ever been in. Well, Teyana visited the Breakfast Club where she said she wasn’t mad at Jennings, but more upset with Tae because she was her friend.

Tae responded to Teyana saying, “2 club encounters, 2 industry birthday parties, 1 yacht party. 2 miscellaneous phone calls, 2 club photos, a follow on social media and a pair of kicks u sent my best friend to give me to post on Instagram to boost sales in 5 years does not constitute a friendship. Period.”

Hmm, well what about this convo that Teyana posted a screenshot of?


Photoshop or nah?

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