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04/24/14 –

Dear Tom,

My mom has been married to my dad for 24 years.  She is the youngest of 10 siblings, the mother of four and has four grandchildren.  When we were children, she opened up daycare’s so she could raise us and still have an income.

She suffered a great loss three years ago when her older brother– who was her best friend – slipped into a coma and died. Two months later, his twin passed away, too. She was devastated but stayed strong.

Right about that time, Milwaukee experienced a bed bug pandemic. Our city is currently number two, right behind Chicago, so she became a licensed pesticide applicator.

My mom and my dad started a company that specializes in exterminating bedbugs – it’s called Pest 2 Rest. And when she is not out there killing those bed bugs, she teaches free awareness classes & seminars for people in the community on how to fight, avoid and detect bed bugs.

She is a motivator, a role model and a card-carrying member of the national pest management association.

There is a convention every year called pest world. She would like to attend so she can learn newest and latest methods in eradication, as well as to represent women and women of color in the pest control industry.


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