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Wesley Warren (pictured), the man with the 132-pound scrotum, passed away Friday at University Medical Center in Las Vegas, after reportedly having suffered two heart attacks over the past few weeks, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

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Warren reportedly spent the last five weeks hospitalized as a result of infections that were allegedly brought on by his diabetes during his stay.

The 49-year-old Las Vegas resident, who weighed 500 pounds before his procedure, underwent surgery last April in California to correct a painful condition known as scrotal lymphedema or “big balls,” where his scrotum ballooned to a whopping 132 pounds. The rare condition was allegedly brought on by an injury to his right testicle back in 2008.


Warren’s scrotum was so gargantuan that he had to prop it up whenever he sat down. In order to somewhat cloak his massive organs, he had to secure them in an upside down hoodie whenever he ventured out, which was on rare occasions. He also could not reportedly urinate like a typical male; his penis was reportedly hidden underneath his scrotum so he often urinated on himself because it was just easier. Warren would then reportedly sprinkle baby powder on himself to get rid of the urine stench.

Deathly afraid of dying, Warren turned down offers over the years to have the surgery correct his condition. He finally green lighted the operation when he secured top surgeons.

Watch Wesley Jr. discuss his life before the operation here:

Warren’s scrotum operation took a grueling 13 hours, with four surgeons on task attempting to get his scrotum down to normal size. The surgery was a success, and reportedly, Warren was a happy camper after it was over, according to his roommate Joey Hurtado, who spoke to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“He had been in good spirits after the operation [and] traveled around in a new van he bought,” Hurtado said. “We went on a trip to Los Angeles from Las Vegas, and he was fine. I kept trying to get him to lose weight so he’d be healthier. He’d get depressed sometimes that he wasn’t healthier than he was.”

After his surgery, Warren, who also reportedly suffered from hypertension and asthma, posted on Facebook, suggesting that he was getting back in to the swing of normal living.

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