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Now that January is in full swing and we’re back to hectic schedules, it’s more important than ever to stick to your fitness resolution. This week, we’re bringing the gym to your office! Get Right, Get Tight trainer Robbie Ann Darby of RAD Experience holds you down with five effective workout moves you can do right at your desk.

This week, aim for 30 minutes of your favorite cardio workout for three days (Zumba, running, elliptical, swimming, walking), and two days of strength training (weight lifting, yoga, pilates, or a strength-toning gym class). You can even put together your weekly video moves of the day for a full workout. Press play and get moving!

Don’t forget to check in with your trainer when you’re done! Log your workout everyday by tweeting us @HelloBeautiful the hashtag #GetRightGetTight.


Move of the day: Bicep curls 

Put that heavy purse to work with two or three reps on each arm. If you really want to burn your arms out, kick it up a notch with 10 reps on each side.


Move of the day: Tricep dips 

Work the back of your arms while you work. Keep your arms close to your body, engage your abs, lower down and slowly push back up. If you feel super strong, try this move with your chair, with two reps of 10 dips.


Move of the day: Push-ups 

Become friends with the all-body toning, sometimes intimidating push-up by starting off with your desk as a prop. Push off your stress while lowering your desk to your chest, keep your core engaged, and come back up. Aim for 10 reps.


Move of the day: Pogo hops

Sweat it out, while keeping it cute at your desk with one minute of pogo hops. Have your cubemate join in for a one minute cardio blast!


Move of the day: Chair squats

Get off your rear and get your bottom in gear! Squeeze your core and squat back as if you’re about to sit down, but don’t sit! Repeat this sequence for as long as you can, aim for one minute.

Check back next week for your new workout plan!

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