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The confession of George Stinney, Jr. was never recorded in police files. There were even rumors that he was offered ice cream by the police if he cooperated with the confession. He was given a court-appointed tax commissioner as a defense lawyer. There were no witnesses called to the stand. Currently there is no transcript of the trial details and blacks were not allowed inside the courtroom.

Despite a forced confession and a 10-minute jury decision, George Stinney Jr. was sentenced to the electric chair in 83 days. The prosecution was not allowed a retrial. Now, 69 years later, the Stinney family hopes for a new chance. They want the case re-tried to exonerate their wrongly-convicted relative.

There is currently a docudrama in production about Stinney’s story entitled, “83 Days: the Murder of George Stinney Jr.”, directed by Charles Burnett and written by Ray Lenard Brown.

(Photo: AP)

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