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What about problems with  The pelvic floor after menopause?

It gets weak.

If you only spot during your menstruation each month can you still get pregnant?  


After having a hysterectomy do you need to get pap smears?

If you still have your cervix yes, otherwise no but you should still have a vaginal exam regardless

Can the umbilical cord around the neck at the birth of the child cause autism?

No,  research currently has proven this.

Is it ok to have a couple of cups of hot chocolate bumped up with liquor. Especially on cold & horny morning & night.

That’s ok if done less than three times per week.

I was told the paragaurd is a great iud alternative to the mirena. Is this a good option as my mom had an iud that malfunctioned years ago?

No two women are alike you have to weigh the pros and cons and if you decide to get the mirena if there are any unusual side effects switch t another form of birth control immediately.

Through an ultrasound my doctor sees a uterine fibroid growing. It is not bothering me now. Should I look to having it removed now or wait until there is a problem?

If it’s not causing in problems and it does not look suspicious on U.S it’s ok to have it followed by an ObGyn.

What are some different ways to lower your blood pressure?

Exercise consistently, yoga, stretching, de-stressing.

What could a soft lump on top of right shoulder possibly be?

Sound like a lipoma (non-cancerous fatty tumor) but if it begins to grow rapidly, become firm or fixed underneath the skin these changes need to be assessed by a surgeon because it may need to be removed.

I‘ve read two different things pertaining to water intake please help. Should I drink half of my body weight of water a day or the eight glasses?

Eight glasses are appropriate but if your activity level or salt intake increases you must adjust (increase)  your intake.

If red causes cancer then how come my aunts and uncles in the south have not had any of those cancer related problems yet although their in their late 70′s?

Red wine does not CAUSE cancer. It’s actually very good for your heart and chronic inflammation but alcohol in excess can increase your risk of breast, esophageal and head and neck cancers.

Dr. April, does being in solitude too often as harmful as constant demand?

Yes. Keep a balanced and healthy interaction with family and friends.

Hi Doc, I’m a 60-year-old woman, vegan diet for 33 years. Healthy, no meds or health issues. Had always included soy in my meal, recently eliminating it from my meals. Is that okay for my age?

Soy is definitely ok at your age as long as it doesn’t interfere with any meds that you might be taking, check with your doctor

I’ve eliminated all meat from my diet. It’s day 11 and I feel pretty great!  What about dairy products?

Great discipline! Dairy in excess, especially calcium can cause arthritis, stomach pains and changes in the mood like depression. You don’t have to eliminate dairy but keep it moderate.

I have an 2 part question 1. What does it mean that your body is becoming insulin resistant? 2. How does that play in my woman’s health ? Finally, what can be done to correct question 1 that possibly affects question 2?

Insulin’s job is to keep blood sugar at healthy levels. In regards to your health, when your body stops doing this it can cause diabetes. losing weight, even just 5-10 lbs have been effective in helping insulin resistance.

For the last month or so I have tenderness, irritation in my arm pits; it’s mainly in the morning than kind of fade away during the day. I had my breast exam in August and nothing was found. I’m scheduled for mammogram in Dec. is this a symptom of breast cancer? I’m very concerned.

Usually if it’s arm pit tenderness that goes away that likely is not associated with breast cancer. With breast cancer it gets bigger, usually does not hurt and progresses to arm swelling.

I am a 53-year-old male having knee problems. It is very difficult to walk up stairs. I currently take Glucosine Chondrotine but are there any options recommended other than surgery or knee replacement?

A-Low impact exercise. The more you move your joints will start to rebuild that cushion in your joints that have worn down over time.

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