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Sad because as someone who has some degree of celebrity, not nearly that of a Chris Brown, but I know that the old saying isn’t true: not all publicity is good publicity.

And while the cameras and the security guards and the groupies may offer some momentary fulfillment, in the end it’s empty.

Many of those people are there because of the spectacle, because he is a spectacle and being a spectacle, good or bad, doesn’t last forever; thus, the nature of the term and in that moment; it’s not helping you or him personally.

Perhaps professionally, he’s going to garner more headlines to help bolster the bad boy image that he and the press seem to be cultivating.

Okay Chris and I mean this with all honesty and with the best of intentions. I’ve been 24-years-old before and felt invincible; that fades over time and with age comes wisdom and you realize that not everyone talking in your ear has your best interest at heart.

Most of the people you think are your closest friends or closest to you: your boys, your fellas; they don’t give a damn about you.

When you go to jail, you go to jail alone. You don’t know me from Adam but if I can offer you a bit of advice from one man to another, one black man to another.

Don’t listen to the people who tell you that everyone who is criticizing you is a hater, they’re not. That criticism is very valuable because those people have nothing to gain from your fame, or your fortune.  They are not on your payroll and probably don’t want to be.

They see you as you really are, as you’re seen in the eyes of the public, as an out of control brother.  A hot head who is lucky so far to have avoided prison and if you keep it up, it will be your new home; the biggest one in which you’ve ever lived with the smallest bedroom in which you’ve ever slept.

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