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NBA veteran player Lamar Odom (pictured left), who’s had a heap of troubles recently from alleged drug use to a DUI arrest to alleged marriage problems, has reportedly sought the legal services of big gun Robert Shapiro (pictured) who initially led the infamous 1995 O.J. Simpson murder trial, according to TMZ.

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Odom recently got cuffed last Friday on suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  A San Fernando Valley highway patrolman pulled the 6’10″ baller over for allegedly driving erratically in a “serpentine manner.”  Odom reportedly continued to drive even after several attempts to pull him over to the side were made by law enforcement.  When Odom reportedly did stop the car, a California highway patrol report stated that Odom showed ”objective signs of intoxication and was unable to perform field sobriety tests as explained and demonstrated.”

Officers took Odom in to custody, and he was slapped with a $15,000 bail and released the following morning.

The arrest came on the heels of reports that Odom had gone missing for 72 hours after a fight with his wife, Khloe Kardashian, and that possible drug use was behind all of the now-free agent’s ills.

Now Shapiro has been reportedly called to possibly rescue Odom from the DUI charges.

Shapiro, whose expertise lies in plea bargaining criminal cases, was probably summoned by Odom’s mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, who is close friends with the legal mastermind. Jenner’s late-husband, Robert Kardashian, and Shapiro worked together on the O.J. Simpson trial. Jenner also utilized the services of her old friend when son Robert Kardashian, Jr. got in to a little scrape with the law earlier this year. The young Kardashian was involved in a criminal battery and theft case that allegedly resulted in hitting a photographer in Beverly Hills and removing a digital media card from her camera.

Reportedly, Odom’s case is pretty cut and dry: It is being speculated that he will probably plead no contest to one count of DUI and get probation. Attending an alcohol education class will probably also be in the cards for Odom.  Since Odom refused to submit to any chemical blood testing, the courts will probably also snatch his driver’s license away for 12 months.

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